Z700 Series

48in to 60in Deck

The new Z724X reaffirms Kubota’s reputation for distinct excellence in quality and reliability at a competitive price. Choose between a 48″ or 54″ mower deck matched with the powerful 726cc Kawasaki FX engine.Each model in the series is equipped with an 11.6 gallon fuel tank for more operating hours, less down time and superior productivity.

  • Z723KH-48

  • Z724KH-54

  • Z725KH-60

  • Z724X-48

  • Z724X-54

  • Z726X-60


Outstanding Stability

The Z700 Series combines strength and stability with powerful transmissions, terrain hugging, wide-stance rear tires and heavy components positioned under the seat for the low center of gravity.


New Mower Deck

Each model features a 6″ deep, fully welded, 7 gauge steel 48, 54, or 60 inch mowing deck, providing outstanding stability with a fast, high quality cut.


Quick Dial Height Adjustment System

This easy two-step system lets you adjust the cutting height with a turn of a dial and press of the pedal. Release the pedal once the height is set.


Smooth Lever Operation

The smooth steering provides optimum control and drive-ability with adjustable damper force.


Transmission with Integrated Pump and Motor

The Z700 Series is equipped with dual Parker ® transmissions. Designed for easy maintenance, each transmission has an integrated pump and motor for increased efficiency and simplified service. Also, each transmission has a separate oil supply for increased durability. And parts such as the drive link and brake rods are positioned for easy maintenance.


Commerical Grade Engines

The Z700 Series mowers are powered by KAWASAKI® FX and KOHLER® Command PRO engines, renowned for their superior performance and lasting durability.


Quick Attach and Detach

The mower deck can be easily attached and detached just by inserting or removing the two pins on either side of the Z700.


Foldable ROPS

Foldable ROPS are standard equipment on all models to ensure operator safety on the job at all times.