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Great Plains Series VII Field Cultivator

Great Plains Series VII field cultivator, 22’ working width, 10’ base with 6’ wings, 43 S-tine shanks, 7” Ultra wing Nok-on sweeps, 5-bar spike harrow, rear hitch, no rear hydraulics, tandem wheels on base and wings, two crazy wheels on front.

Price : 4,900

Krause Disk

Krause disk, 22’ working width, 8” spacing, front blades measure 19.5”, back blades measure 17.5”, 1-bar diagonal spike harrow mounted on rear, hydraulic folding wings.

Price : 3,500

Case IH 330 Turbo-Till

Case IH 330 Turbo-Till, 34’ working width, front blades measure 19.5”, rear blades measure 20”, mounted rear basket, walking tandem tires on main frame and on the wings 12.5L-15, overall this disk is in very good condition.

Price : 29,500

M&W Earthmaster 1700

M&W Earthmaster 1700, 7 shanks on 24” spacing, walking tandems on the lift wheels, wheels are 14L-16.1 (4 rib tires/12 ply), front and rear disk gangs measure 22”, wear bars in very good shape, points are worn, also has a 3-bar coil tine harrow that is not shown.

Price : 18,900

DMI Crumbler

DMI crumbler, 32’ working width, round bars, double folding frame, lights.

Price : 6,900

DMI Tigermate

DMI Tigermate, 30’ working width, with 3-bar coil tine harrow, rear hitch and rear hydraulics, 7.5” sweeps are very good, new tines on the 3-bar harrow (base only), 11’ base with 6.5’ wings, walking tandems on base and wings.

Price : 11,500

Allis-Chalmers 1200

Allis-Chalmers 1200 field cultivater, 18’ working width, new paint, good sweeps, rear hitch, gauge wheels on wings, 10’ 6” base, 4’ wings.

Price : 2,100

Hiniker 1530

Hiniker 1530 field cultivater, 30’ working width.

Price : 1,590

Sunflower 6331 Land Finisher

Sunflower 6331 Land Finisher, 25’ working width, disk in front, hydraulic depth control on disk, Danish tine shanks, 10” sweeps are in good condition, rear hitch & rear hydraulics.

Price : 19,000

DMI Tiger

DMI Tiger Two disk chisel, 5 shanks, points are worn, manual adjust closing disk, single disks on the front 18”, hydraulic depth control on disk, tires are 16.5L-16.1.

Price : 7,950

Unverferth 1225 Rolling Harrow

Unverferth 1225 rolling harrow, 35’ working width, green.

Price : 9,500

International 475 Disk

International Harvester 475 disk.

Price : 4,900

Case IH 870 Ecolo-Tiger

Case IH 870 Ecolo-Tiger, 14’ working width, 7 shanks, hammerstrap shanks, front blades are 24”, second row blades are 25”, curved blade levelers, rolling basket.

Price : 34,900

Unverferth 220 harrow

Unverferth 220 harrow, 37’ working width, Rolling Harrow II, double basket, base measures 15’ wide, wings measure 11’ wide.

Price : 6,900

International Harvester 4700

International Harvester 4700 vibra tiller field cultivator, 36’ working width, Remlinger 5-bar harrow, rear hydraulics, rear hitch, new 7.5” shovels (never used), very good condition.

Price : 4,900

M&W 1465

M&W 1465, 14in working width, 2in blades with scrapers, 5 shanks auto-reset, Unverferth S-Tine Harrow, good paint, lights

Price : 10,500

DMI Harrow

DMI Harrow, single harrow, round bar Crumbler, folding wings, 15ft base, 7.5ft wings

Price : 3,900

Brent 5 Shank Inline Ripper

Brent 5-shank inline ripper, some disks need replaced

Price : 3,200

Glencoe SS7200

Glencoe 7200 Soil Saver, 7-shank with rolling basket, 7 spring loaded shanks, straight gangs with scrapers, J&M Rolling basket

Price : 5,500

DMI Single Basket

DMI Single Basket, 13ft working width, 7/8" bars

Price : 3,500

Brillion Culti-Mulcher

Brillion Culti-Mulcher, 12ft, rear hitch, hydraulic cylinder, c-shanks, no scrapers

Price : 1,900

White 445

White 445 Disc Chisel, Plow Coulters on front, hydraulic depth control, 4 standard chisels, 3 deep rippers, unververth Danish tine harrow

Price : 6,900