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New Idea 900 Planter

New Idea 900 planter, 6-row with 30” spacing, liquid fertilizer with squeeze pump, Yetter single disk, rear shoe fertilizer openers, unit mounted no-till coulters with row cleaners, finger pick up, insecticide boxes, 4 implement tires, 4 hydraulic hoses (2 for lift, 2 for markers).

Price : 5,900

White 6100 Planter

White 6100 planter with soybean splitter, 15” soybean planter, 15’ working width, splitter is Model #6905, 6 rows are 30” spacing with 1-spike closing wheel on each row, 5 rows on 6905 splitter, frame mounted no-till coulters throughout, notched disc markers, PTO vacuum pump.

Price : 23,900

White 6138 8 Row Planter

White 6138 8-row planter with splitters, liquid fertilizer, vacuum planter, frame mounted 2x2 fertilizer, injectors, squeeze pump, insecticide, comes with Ag One SM3000 monitor, White splitter is Model 6925.

Price : 16,500

White 6100 Planter

White 6100 planter, liquid fertilizer, 6 row, 2x2 with rear shoe, pop up fertilizer.

Price : 13,900