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Case IH 1640

Case IH 1640 combine, Cummins engine, main tires are Goodyear 24.5-32 with 40% tread, steering tires are Goodyear 14.9-24 with 30% tread, rock drum, rock trap, standard rotor, sieve adjusters, sieve inspection door, 3rd spreader, see-thru bin extension, discharge beater, AM/FM radio.

Price : 17,500

Case IH 7120 Combine

Case IH 7120 combine, main tires are 73 x 44.00 x 32 floaters with 70% tread, steering tires are 28L x 26 with 24% tread, rock trap, AFX rotor, ¼ concaves, 3/8 modules, straw chopper, hydraulic folding grain bin extensions, very good mechanical condition, $25,000 work done by our service department on this combine in August of 2017.

Price : 142,000

International 1460 Combine

International Harvester 1460 combine, rock drum, the Spreader Company 3rd spreader, electric controls, tires are 24.5-32 on front with steering tires of 11.2-24 (10% tread).

Price : 3,900

International Harvester 1440 Combine

International Harvester 1440 combine, rock trap, standard rotor, tires are Goodyear 24.5-32 with 40% tread.

Price : 4,900

Case IH 2388 Combine

Case IH 2388 combine, hydraulic feeder reverser, rock trap, rock drum, specialty rotor, straw chopper, straw spreader, J&M grain bin extension, good interior.

Price : 69,500

Case IH 7120

Case IH 7120 combine, main tires are Firestone 900/60 R32 (50% tread), steering tires are Firestone 540/65 R30 (50% tread), heavy duty adjustable steer axle, lateral tilt, 52” extension on unload auger, standard straw chopper, Halogen stadium lights, powerfolding bin extension, Autoguide, extremity lights, cloth interior, AM/FM/WB.

Price : 139,000

Case IH 2188 Combine

Case IH 2188 combine, main tires: Titan 30.5L-24 (40% tread and no stubble damage), steering tires: Firestone 19.5L-24 (30% tread, R4 tire tread), specialty rotor, rock trap, no chopper, rear inspection light for sieves.

Case IH 8120 Combine

Case IH 8120 combine, 420 Hp when built, 620/70 R42 R1 with duals, 600/65 R28 R1 steering tires, heavy-duty planetarys without differential lock, heavy-duty lateral tilt, rock trap, HID lights, AM/FM/WB radio, manual fold J&M bin extensions, standard unload auger with 52” extension, standard straw chopper, self-level grain system, ¼” concaves, 1 5/8th top sieve, 1 1/8th lower sieve.

Price : 199,000

Case IH 2377 Combine

0% INTEREST WAIVER AVAILABLE FOR QUALIFIED CUSTOMERS--- Case IH 2377 combine, Main tires: Firestone 900/60 R32 (50% tread), Steering tires: Firestone 19.5L-24 (40% tread), manual fold J&M bin extension, field tracker, rock trap, rock drum, specialty rotor, straw chopper, straw spreader, yield monitor, gray cloth interior.

Price : 95,000